NeuBody Single Sessions

First Time Recovery TreatmentIntroductory Offer

$ 25

First Session

Single Recovery Treatment

$ 50

Per Session

NeuBody Plans

Easy Plan

X 1

Session per Week*

Advanced Plan

X 2

Sessions Per Week*

Pro Plan

X 3

Sessions Per Week*

* Unused sessions do not roll over, you can add additional sessions if needed for that month at a $15 per session cost. Not transferable.
Add a family member for additional cost, see consultant for more details.

NeuBody Packages

Wellness Package

X 8


Warrior Package

X 12


VIP Package

X 16


Call 225.831.3100 for Pricing.

NeuBody Membership

Unlimited Sessions For a Better Body + Life

  • Monthly membership.
  • No contracts or sign-up fees.
  • Payment is auto-drafted from the date your membership is activated.
  • Freeze any time for $15.

Call 225.831.3100 for Pricing.


Download and read the waiver form prior to your appointment.

Whole Body Cryotherapy has been  proven to be effective for athletic recovery, pain management, inflammation reduction and skin improvement. Numerous peer-reviewed studies have confirmed the benefits of whole body cryotherapy. While Chryotherapy is not a medical procedure, you should first check with a medical professional to confirm whether whole body cryotherapy is appropriate for your health. Some of the Neubody product line has been approved by the FDA; however, Cryotherapy is not FDA approved.